Saturday, October 14, 2006

"What next?"

Probably the most important question we ask to ourselves might be "What am I going to do with my life?" well it just might be the most frequent and still the hardest to answer... Nobody knows what the future beholds... I don't.. yet I can make it the way I want to... The way I think.. you just go to such a point only if you have an ardent desire to be there.. i.e, if you deserve it. Its funny to see how people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, et cetra... have gone so up while they did have equal potential to be down as average joes like you and I. I must admit, it's a pretty wierd way of putting things. I view it as a reflection of their desire to succeed.. you cannot go higher than what you think you can.. Maybe some people might like to shrug it off as mere ego. But who doesn't have some form of egotistical behaviour? I know I do.

The main point is not that you can get what you desire, I believe that talents play a great role in that.. However, it's not always something as easy as mere genes to get things you want. I had watched a movie sometime back.. It depicted this concept, albeit dramatic, pretty beautifully. It was shown in the future where people are cultured according to their parents desires... DNA works. Well the hero wasn't cultured that way and was considered inferior human. And guess what? He wanted to be an astronaut. However, he didn't have the necessary DNA to do so. Now there was a twist. There was another guy crippled who had such genes but didn't have a desire to so anything as such. The inferior one takes his identity. I'd be glad if somebody tells me the name of the movie. The moral, if you may say so, is that getting some kickass genes doesn't make you more privileged more than being born in the royal family or a family of presidents make you a born leader; you just have to learn it. I don't disagree that it would certainly give some boost but nothing more.
As per me, I'm from a pretty much a "middle class" family with almost no ambitions in my ancestors except trying to downplay somebody else's acheivements. That's where I come from. I think it could've been worse... I like to think at the alternate theories like what if a small thing was different, say getting born in a different time or say different parents or even say with a little different genetic make up... one that might make me a better athelete, even some weird ones like what if I had everything the same except having XX instead of XY chromosomes. Well those thoughts are wierd to think yet provoke us to look really beneath the skin into our minds and the ways it functions and expresses itself.

The question arises that if I had a different life, would that make me any bit happier? or would I have been who I am now? I really don't think so... If you are still reading this, which I seriously doubt, you know that all your experiences shape the way you are not necessarily just the way you were born or just the way you were raised. Time after time when I see people around me, I just see mere expressions of misery at being mortals. We read biographies, look at heroes and idolize them; I refer that as "Godifying" them forgetting all sorts of remnants of their humanness... Examples could be numerous, just turn the pages of a huge "100 greatest people" book.

It doesn't matter where you are born, the colleges and schools you have attended unless you have the inner fire to attain your goals and ambitions. Aim high, you might get it. At this point, we are seeking answers to "what is my life worth?", I like to think "It could be anything, it's your auction, begin at any price". Everybody dreams to be great but how many are? Being at the top of your game might be attaining that greatness right now for me. Now then what after that?