Thursday, October 26, 2006


Finally, this thing really looks like a blog... I made a couple of revamps mostly from hectro's place's codes and using the minimum style look. I removed a lot of the ads as well. It's really funny how this blog began and how it developed. I've finally decided what to do with this blog... I'll explain that in detail later...

Monday, October 23, 2006

How Hubble killed god

Interesting stuff I saw on the internet!!

March 9, 2004: NASA releases a single image taken by the Hubble Space telescope that proves a fatal blow to the concept of God, but despite the compelling evidence, many simply don’t comprehend the significance of the image.

Hubble vs God

According to many interpreters of the Bible and the Book of Genesis, there is proof that the Earth and Universe is only 6,000 years old. Even scientists like Dr. Michael Brown, the Director and Principal Researcher of the Molecular History Research Center who graduated with a Ph. D. in Biology with an emphasis in Molecular Biology, will scientifically show you that carbon dating is wrong, the universe is stable and that we all descended from one 6,000 year old mother, Eve. Man was created by God in his own image for a special purpose. Different religions offer slightly different descriptions of that purpose, but clearly, it is widely accepted that we are God’s children and the Earth is the most important place in the universe.

OK. So in summary, the universe was created, the Earth was created and Man was created, all during Creation Week and all with supernatural logic and reason behind it. Some religions believe all of this, but dispute the “young Earth” assertions of Biblical Creationists. In Islam, Allah created the Big Bang and all the rules that followed it. The Earth took many years to form and every new scientific discovery can be explained away by attributing it to Allah. It just seems too convenient.

If you’re reading this at night, go get a plastic drinking straw and go outside and look up. What you can see with the naked eye from one position on Earth is about 2,500 stars at the most. All of them are in our galaxy, the Milky Way. The Milky Way contains somewhere between 200 and 600 billion stars (that’s billion, with ‘b’). The size of our galaxy is somewhere between 70,000 and 100,000 light-years across. The nearest star to our own Sun is Alpha Centauri and it’s only 4.35 light-years away. We all know that a light-year is the distance light travels in one year, but what it actually means to us is when we look up at the night sky and see Alpha Centauri, we are actually seeing what it looked like 4.35 years ago. We are looking back in time.

Now, find the Moon. Divide the diameter of the Moon by ten. It’s a pretty small spot, right? Pick any apparently black section of sky (between stars) of about a tenth of the moon’s diameter and look at it. There’s nothing there, is there? Now stare at that one little spot of the sky. That’s pretty much exactly what the Hubble Space Telescope did every night in late 2003. Over 400 orbits of the Earth, Hubble took 800 exposures of the same patch of space at varying focal lengths to produce an incredibly deep image. This image is known as the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (UDF).

Hubble Ultr

[click for a larger image and more details about the HUDF]

If the distance across this image in space was scaled to the diameter of your drinking straw, the depth of this image would make your drinking straw 8 foot long. All those specks you see are not stars, they’re other galaxies. In this image alone, there are almost 10,000 galaxies. The nearest ones, those that appear as well-defined spirals and ellipses, are about one billion light-years away. In other words, this image is showing us what those galaxies looked like one billion years ago. The furthest galaxies in the image are shown as they existed only 800 million years after the universe was created and are some 13 billion light-years away.

Each of those galaxies comprises billions of stars, and if the Hubble UDF represents only one tiny part of the whole sky which is actually 12.7 million times bigger, we can only wonder at how many galaxies, stars and solar systems might fill our universe. If God or Allah created all of this, He did so an incredibly long time ago. If Man is the reason for Creation, why has intelligent Man’s existence only been for the last few thousand years? If Time since creation was a kilometre long piece of rope, intelligent Man is represented only by the last half-CENTIMETRE. If Man is the purpose of creation, why did it take so long to create Man? And what’s with all the over-the-top elaborate sky decorations? Surely some painted white dots on a big canvas hung around the Earth would have sufficed?

Thanks should go to Hubble for opening our eyes. If only some men would open theirs. Being a Christian or being a Muslim means being different. Being a Human means being the same.

Jhilimili jhilimili

Wow!!! Tihar seems to be here.. Dipawali.. is it over already? nah it isn't and I'm reaping all the benefits off this great time of the year...
It's 12:30 well after midnight and as always, I'm not asleep, lots of thanks to Nescafe (Do I get some money for free advertising?). I rarely miss sleep but today we have the often cacophonisc and repetitive sounds of deusi and bhailo. I won't say melodious because that's becoming a rare circumstance. I do remember when I was just a little small when we made a group and went to sing deusi with all the friends. Had so much fun. I do miss those memories and those times. I don't know where all those friends went as I haven't been in contact with most of them. Aaargh.... this is turning out to be really disturbing now...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bonafide blogger

I was gasping at my creations, looking pleased and possibly with a smile on my face... "Wow!!! I've never written that much all my life" well writing for money or good grades, I might have, for good colle I will, but for just plain writing would be plain laughable. A blog is just that. I must admit that I wasn't too selfless though.... I wanted to earn money from this blog as well. However, today, after possibly two weeks of blogging and around a week of earning money from them which current;y stands at a total of $105(not bad for a nepali student in a week, eh?) which is a little short by around $244 to buy this cool ebook reader by sony
I'm seeing myself as a character in the classic Chekhovian story "the Bet" who places himself in a room for 20 years for a huge sum of money but then finds that knowledge is far more precious than any money he can earn, which he has earned now... thus he leaves the room just before he completes 20 years. Well there might be a million possible interpretations for this story and even in relation to my analogy with it but I can see a common thread in both my experience of 1 week and the character's 20 years, we have both gained knowledge and seen the power of it. Something smeagol never learnt.... hehe
I am shocked and awed by how much work the "working class" people do and still they earn less than us lazy computer nerds. I spend hours programming or trying to write something both sitting lazily in front of a computer screen and still manage to wipe out $100 in a week.. Maybe it was a fluke, maybe I was too lucky but one thing is certain that we are living in a society governed by mind. Often times, I end up discussing the knowledge based architechture of the society.... As it is often put, knowledge management.... The early pioneers of the internet put it as "Content is the king". After the boom and bust it's sure that one party won, who? haha... you guessed it.... the consumers(if you haven't got it on your own)
People change as do times; i still remember the jovial emotion I felt when I first saw a computer in class 5 in our living room. By then I had just touched a mouse, clicked things and seen this beast obey... I felt like I came one step closer to being god, although I don't believe in one I would surely like to be one. Then I got another one (well, this one) in class 8 which had a dialup internet. By that time I was a super computer geek in school with knowledge in the application and QBASIC programming... Then came this internet thing into my life. I was not much of a social guy looking into chatrooms trying to make new friends. In fact, i think now that I might have voluntarily secluded myself from the popular culture pretty much like one of my heroes "Kurt Cobain" and numerous other scientists with an exception of Neumann. Seclusion is good at times, and combine that with my dad's constant pressure to study I was soon into the world of books and bits and bytes. I still think that "the hacker manifesto" is my self expression and "knowledge is power" but the most important thing was that my knowledge was increasing in so many fronts apart from the obvious computers.
I cannot possibly explain all the forces at play that put me in this position to declare myself as a "bonafide blogger" but I can surely say one thing for sure that I have an immense desire to progress and be at least two steps forward of the world. I have always aimed high and reached there. I've had frustration, struggles, near addiction, etc but it's not your experience that matter(it does matter) but in what light do you want to portray that experience to yourself. I learnt or at least tried to learn from every fall and every stumble so that I can attain the goal of being the best someday, yet today's world changes so fast that keeping pace with it is hard enough, let alone leading it.
This is possibly an example of writing for the sake of writing, thousands of people write. One thing I want to add is that there will always be technophobes who will say people will stop reading after internet takes off.. Well have a look around people, people are reading more than ever.. and take that RIAA... I presume that music has got to be cheaper than $.99... No DRM or putting secret rootkits is going to stop us...

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Blog

I'll be starting a new blog on book reviews.....
well, I have a pretty eclectic taste... so reviewing on a single blog for books seems to be a good idea


I believe the first tenet of the modern maths and sciences falling under "rationalism" is objectivity. You have to be objective.... Numbers aren't like humans... wow!!! this must've been one of the greatest inventions man has ever done after inventing numbers(forming the base of maths).. you may say that first they invented numbers and then went into a world without numbers... into abstract theorems people can rarely spell, let alone unerstand some day. My idea is , there's some kind of emotional bond with maths among humans... even aliens... Basically, if we are similar and living in the same universe, we'll be governed by the same rules and hence the universal language can only be maths.......
The need of ojectivity in reneissance was to send humanity away from the clutches of the church. Hence, many of the revolutionary movements took shape.... namely, the Romanticism... and most importantly the revival of maths and sciences... After the 19th century when people got a bit bored out of doing the numerical calculations and the giant universities of the US, GB and Germany were gaining prominence, we started to go more into the confusing and abstract side of maths.. I really respect euclid... his proofs are legendary... however, this was a revolution on a global scale. Maths has always been the base of a science... even economics and more recently biology, a subject I never got interested into (why should I dissect a frog and remember all the phylums? yuck) Maybe biology teaching in Nepal sucks... these teachers try to make us memory sticks than thinkers... Lets extrapolate it to the whole education system shall we?
Now where was I? Aaahhh!!! Objectivity at its extreme can be absurd... the reason for it being that you cannot ignore emotions coming to you... I personally feel so elated on seeing a number like "pi" or "infinity" and "e"... Because they make up the fabric of the universe... I've always believed that a number can hold the secret of the universe... yeah sure... I've always taken maths as the ultimate form of reality... sadly I was wrong... they are just representations of reality, a step towards understanding the bigger questions pertaining to the better understanding of the universe...
How can science not be subjective when it affects so many lives..? I hate a culture of personification of anything.. There are kids in kindergarten wanting to be Einsteins and a little older kids thinking "Neils Bohr" was God... haha.... Technology has progressed further than anybody ever imagined... why should we stop now? I feel sick over the people who say that we have destroyed this planet... why can't we? after all we will now "need" to go to outer planets.. and hence occupy the universe... Afterall, it surely is an awful waste of space if the universe was just inhabited by us.... I think human life should be dictated by rationalism... but still there are people who fear the same rationalism... Hey, all the things saisd by bible were wrong... why didn't all the religious books give real predictions if god is as almighty as people say... if a teory goes wrong at one point, we change it or just throw it out.. why don't we do the same with all the religious books like bible and all... Yea!! we get morals from those books but so do we from Aesop's fables...
Wow!!! where have I come!!!! Upto now you surely know who I am.....

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blogs: the Human side of Internet

Wow! It’s been about a year since I've heard the word blog, ironically in a blog site. Back then, it seemed totally absurd idea of sharing your intimate information publicly with the world. However, after moving away from dialup it seems the roads to information super highway is opening up although the speeds are still really low compared to other countries but the question is what makes these blogs so special? This sudden upsurge of neo-bloggers giving news, even anonymously leaking information shows what the internet is really capable of.
A well known cliché of our times is "By the People, for the people and from the people", taken from the famous Gettysburg speech by Ab Lincoln during the Civil War, seems to be coming true at least in blogs. Take for example the recent revolution in Nepal. Although the government had banned a lot of sites (especially the blogs), people were still discussing the conditions in Nepal very similar to the Bulletin Boards during the 90’s when Soviet Union was breaking down. It just takes an article to make a local issue global. You need not be in the same room to discuss with someone an issue common to everyone. I see these blogs as elements of the road to democratization of a society.
Philosophies apart, what makes a blog, A BLOG?
People are inquisitive by nature, competitive even; they like to be known and noticed even behind the vein of an adopted alias. These are the same people who talk about privacy and yet envy the “celebrities” being followed by paparazzi. A blog is an expression of things people want to say, maybe even ramblings and all. There are some, like me, who want to hone their writing skills. There is a sense of freedom in the electronic medium not provided by anything else… apart from the good typeset and all, you can “UNDO” stuffs; there are spell checkers for the particularly dyslexic and for some small errors... It’s cool to type …
Another pulling factor is ads, particularly “Google adsense”. If you are money minded or just having a desire to make some pocket money for a change, you might be here, if the obvious inquisitive demand isn’t convincing enough to spend more time writing about your life… It’s been two weeks since I started to blog and a week since I have actually begun posting regularly; it’s been fruitful so far. It started from a desire to understand myself better for my upcoming college applications to become a more ambitious money making venture imagining huge dividends… It is possible, if you are willing to work for it, to earn money from a blog.

There could be any number of reasons for such a venture… now what? Let’s look at what shaped this revolution?
Cheap storage: Back when Google gave 1000 MBs on April 1st, it was considered by many as just a joke, a culture at google… goofing up something funny on April 1st, my favorite being the research facility on moon… The main reason for enabling google to beat all its competition was the cheapening of hard drives and computers apart from its characteristic innovative strategies.
Prior experiences: Blogs are nothing new…. They are mere newer manifestations of older and even obsolete things like bulletin boards and Usenet but in a new world… Blogs are often associated with “Web 2.0”, a term invented by O’reilly, more of a gimmick in my view as it just includes a specific web site category more than the methodologies for them.. still it was necessary for the current upsurge in the blogosphere...
Competitions: There are so many companies fighting for a chunk of your life. These billion dollar companies are fighting hard to get your blogs posted to their sites... A chunk of your life.. aahh....
One thing is for sure now.. in the future your whole life would be googleable... maybe you'd be googled for vacancy..

Pleez comment on this... still very much under construction and digg it!!! pleezz

Saturday, October 14, 2006

"What next?"

Probably the most important question we ask to ourselves might be "What am I going to do with my life?" well it just might be the most frequent and still the hardest to answer... Nobody knows what the future beholds... I don't.. yet I can make it the way I want to... The way I think.. you just go to such a point only if you have an ardent desire to be there.. i.e, if you deserve it. Its funny to see how people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, et cetra... have gone so up while they did have equal potential to be down as average joes like you and I. I must admit, it's a pretty wierd way of putting things. I view it as a reflection of their desire to succeed.. you cannot go higher than what you think you can.. Maybe some people might like to shrug it off as mere ego. But who doesn't have some form of egotistical behaviour? I know I do.

The main point is not that you can get what you desire, I believe that talents play a great role in that.. However, it's not always something as easy as mere genes to get things you want. I had watched a movie sometime back.. It depicted this concept, albeit dramatic, pretty beautifully. It was shown in the future where people are cultured according to their parents desires... DNA works. Well the hero wasn't cultured that way and was considered inferior human. And guess what? He wanted to be an astronaut. However, he didn't have the necessary DNA to do so. Now there was a twist. There was another guy crippled who had such genes but didn't have a desire to so anything as such. The inferior one takes his identity. I'd be glad if somebody tells me the name of the movie. The moral, if you may say so, is that getting some kickass genes doesn't make you more privileged more than being born in the royal family or a family of presidents make you a born leader; you just have to learn it. I don't disagree that it would certainly give some boost but nothing more.
As per me, I'm from a pretty much a "middle class" family with almost no ambitions in my ancestors except trying to downplay somebody else's acheivements. That's where I come from. I think it could've been worse... I like to think at the alternate theories like what if a small thing was different, say getting born in a different time or say different parents or even say with a little different genetic make up... one that might make me a better athelete, even some weird ones like what if I had everything the same except having XX instead of XY chromosomes. Well those thoughts are wierd to think yet provoke us to look really beneath the skin into our minds and the ways it functions and expresses itself.

The question arises that if I had a different life, would that make me any bit happier? or would I have been who I am now? I really don't think so... If you are still reading this, which I seriously doubt, you know that all your experiences shape the way you are not necessarily just the way you were born or just the way you were raised. Time after time when I see people around me, I just see mere expressions of misery at being mortals. We read biographies, look at heroes and idolize them; I refer that as "Godifying" them forgetting all sorts of remnants of their humanness... Examples could be numerous, just turn the pages of a huge "100 greatest people" book.

It doesn't matter where you are born, the colleges and schools you have attended unless you have the inner fire to attain your goals and ambitions. Aim high, you might get it. At this point, we are seeking answers to "what is my life worth?", I like to think "It could be anything, it's your auction, begin at any price". Everybody dreams to be great but how many are? Being at the top of your game might be attaining that greatness right now for me. Now then what after that?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google Invasion

There has been a lot of interest over where google is going? Is 'the internet' going to be just 'the google'? Well the recent effort to buy YouTube seems like yet another plan for total global domination by google..
Well someday we might divide the evolution of computing in 3 eras:
1. The IBM era: Hardware was the king.. Mainframe the temple... well this led to this super-giant's downfall...
2. The Microsoft era: Software is the king... Even untouched by antitruust.. Although it won the browser wars by the virtue of its ubiquitous "Windows" operating system..
3. The Google era: Content is the king.. Although there doesn't seem to be a clear winner here... but I guess the winner this time is the consumer who is getting better services at free or cheap prices.. Who would've given 1000 Mbs back in the days when GMail Began.. It was considered a spoof.. now GMail sprawling with 2.7 gb and still increasing.... this eternal beta has become synonymous with email
Another thing that's worth mentioning is the Web 2.0 concept.. Well after the dot com bust, people thought that the internet phenomenon was all but dead, there wasn't so much money here, however, they were incorrect.. Ther real revolution has just begun over the internet.... Thanks to google's innovative and more 'hacker friendly' approach it has got a life of it's own.. There are web developers all over the world trying to make at least something out of this new technology. Amateurs trying to make some pocket money with blogs or gain some respect in their circle.. Well that was 2.0
Now the main thing about google is it's pretty friendly image.. Our modern society is so much more dependent on google these days.. Getting information is getting easier by the minute.. As if becoming the web's backbone wasn't enough, google is going on to be the giant.. well it has almost completely secured monoply in so many sectors.. there are rumors of new operating systems going to be released from there all the time..
I'll anticipating what will happen now...

NASA Invests in Private Sector Space Flight with SpaceX, Rocketplane-Kistler

This seems to be interesting.. have a look

NASA is making an unprecedented investment in commercial space transportation services with the hope of creating a competitive market for supply flights to the International Space Station (ISS).

Two industry partners will receive a combined total of approximately $500 million to help fund the development of reliable, cost-effective access to low-Earth orbit. The agency is using its Space Act authority to facilitate the demonstration of these new capabilities. NASA signed Space Agreements Aug. 18 with Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) of El Segundo, Calif., and Rocketplane-Kistler (RpK) of Oklahoma City to develop and demonstrate the vehicles, systems, and operations needed to support a human facility such as ISS. Once the space shuttle is retired, NASA hopes to become just one of many customers for a new, out-of-this-world parcel service.

Image of  Rocketplane-Kistler Orbit-1 Vehicle and crew capsule Image at right: Artist's concept of Rocketplane-Kistler's K-1 Orbital Vehicle. Credit NASA

+ Larger Image

The venture marks a break with tradition for the 48-year-old space agency. “This is the first opportunity NASA has taken to engage entrepreneurs in a way that allows us to satisfy our needs and lets commercial industry gain a foothold. It could, and should, have profound impacts on the way NASA does business,” said Marc Timm, acting Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) Program executive in NASA’s Exploration Systems Mission Directorate.

Alan Lindenmoyer, manager of the Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Office at NASA's Johnson Space Center, said NASA's offer of seed money fulfills President Bush's Jan. 14, 2004 directive to promote commercial participation in space exploration. The 2005 NASA Authorization Act also calls on the agency to advance space commerce. "We are directly tied to the Vision for Space Exploration and the law of the land," Lindenmoyer said. "COTS marks a significant NASA activity to implement the commercialization portion of U.S. space policy."

The demonstrations are scheduled to begin as early as 2008 and continue through 2010 or later. COTS will be carried out in two phases. Phase 1, unveiled Aug. 18, will include safe disposal or return of spacecraft that successfully dock at ISS and deliver cargo. A follow-on option to demonstrate crew transportation also is planned. Once demonstrated, NASA plans to purchase transportation services competitively in Phase 2.

Image of Space X Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle and Dragon crew and cargo vehicle Image at left: Artist's concept of SpaceX's Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle and Dragon crew and cargo capsules. Credit NASA

+ Larger Image

Partners will be paid only if they succeed. Payments will be incremental and based upon the partners' progress against a schedule of performance milestones contained in each Space Act agreement. The agreements were tailored to the individual partners and negotiated before partnership selections were made. NASA will gauge progress through site visits and milestone achievements.

Usually, the space agency issues detailed requirements and specifications for its flight hardware and it takes ownership of any vehicles and associated infrastructure that a contractor produces. For COTS, NASA specified only high level goals and objectives instead of detailed requirements where possible, and left its industry partners responsible for decisions about design, development, certification and operation of the transportation system. Because NASA has a limited amount of money to invest, it encouraged the partners to obtain private financing for their projects and it left them free to market the new space transportation services to others.

This model for pursuing of commercial space services is another first for NASA and a reflection on the growing maturing of commercial space capabilities. "This is not a traditional NASA procurement or program. We could change the economics of space flight with this," said Lindenmoyer, whose office oversees COTS. NASA expects use of this model to increase over time as the exploration program unfolds, potentially extending to the provision of power, communications, and habitation facilities by commercial entities.

Limited resources and the space shuttle's pending retirement created the need for the new service, and the emergence of enabling technology has created a favorable environment for COTS development, according to Timm. Industry interest was keen, with nearly 100 companies submitting expressions of interest and 20 companies submitting initial proposals.

NASA expects that purchasing commercial space transportation services will be more economical than developing government systems of comparable capability. This could free up additional resources for lunar missions and other activities beyond low-Earth orbit.

The biggest benefit of the anticipated cost savings is the opening of new markets for an emerging industry, according to Lindenmoyer. "If we had cost-effective access, many new markets -- biotechnology, microgravity research, industrial parks in space, manufacturing, tourism -- could start to open. That's what is so important about this effort."

Monday, October 09, 2006


Another blog....
Finally something is going smoothly...
It's a pretty cool stuff with this ad sense thing. Like making money and all.. Well that's cool. However, I was missing the point here... A blog is meant to have some actual blogs not just fantastic ads that nobody will click... Well I've decided that now I seriously need a web site and few more blogs.. I'll use this one for posting some of my scientific and mathematical findings... if you can call them so. Maybe book reviews and even some tips where to get them.. I'll be doing that after the exams... Well the days are passing by. SAT is coming on like a hurricane.
I've always liked to have a web site but there was never a serious motivating factor about what I'd do with a site... what possibly can be done? Sorry if I sound like Jerry Seinfeld... but after trying a lot of different combinations, I'd decided that it was not my cup of coffee... Went on to go for programming and studies.. now since there are ample opportunities to share a lot of things... more than I have time.. hehe...

The plan now is to change this site into a more or less scientific type blog and adding some more concerning with more worldly matters such as music, college life(maybe later), or even family life, politics.. and make a common site that would act as a homepage and a hub for all this.. I'll try to make all these sites working without me just nagging people to come on over here and click these links... That's ugly.. well hopefully, I can just run this thing pretty smoothly.

Google totally rocks.....