Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google Invasion

There has been a lot of interest over where google is going? Is 'the internet' going to be just 'the google'? Well the recent effort to buy YouTube seems like yet another plan for total global domination by google..
Well someday we might divide the evolution of computing in 3 eras:
1. The IBM era: Hardware was the king.. Mainframe the temple... well this led to this super-giant's downfall...
2. The Microsoft era: Software is the king... Even untouched by antitruust.. Although it won the browser wars by the virtue of its ubiquitous "Windows" operating system..
3. The Google era: Content is the king.. Although there doesn't seem to be a clear winner here... but I guess the winner this time is the consumer who is getting better services at free or cheap prices.. Who would've given 1000 Mbs back in the days when GMail Began.. It was considered a spoof.. now GMail sprawling with 2.7 gb and still increasing.... this eternal beta has become synonymous with email
Another thing that's worth mentioning is the Web 2.0 concept.. Well after the dot com bust, people thought that the internet phenomenon was all but dead, there wasn't so much money here, however, they were incorrect.. Ther real revolution has just begun over the internet.... Thanks to google's innovative and more 'hacker friendly' approach it has got a life of it's own.. There are web developers all over the world trying to make at least something out of this new technology. Amateurs trying to make some pocket money with blogs or gain some respect in their circle.. Well that was 2.0
Now the main thing about google is it's pretty friendly image.. Our modern society is so much more dependent on google these days.. Getting information is getting easier by the minute.. As if becoming the web's backbone wasn't enough, google is going on to be the giant.. well it has almost completely secured monoply in so many sectors.. there are rumors of new operating systems going to be released from there all the time..
I'll anticipating what will happen now...


just me said...

Ha! I thought I was the only one in on this theory, you put it into better words though. When I saw that Google was trying to get its hands on the new phenom YouTube (I don't use it), I thought it was only a matter of time before you load up computer computer and you hear a goofy welcome message, ending with powered by Google. So, you are not alone in the world on that one!