Monday, October 23, 2006

How Hubble killed god

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March 9, 2004: NASA releases a single image taken by the Hubble Space telescope that proves a fatal blow to the concept of God, but despite the compelling evidence, many simply don’t comprehend the significance of the image.

Hubble vs God

According to many interpreters of the Bible and the Book of Genesis, there is proof that the Earth and Universe is only 6,000 years old. Even scientists like Dr. Michael Brown, the Director and Principal Researcher of the Molecular History Research Center who graduated with a Ph. D. in Biology with an emphasis in Molecular Biology, will scientifically show you that carbon dating is wrong, the universe is stable and that we all descended from one 6,000 year old mother, Eve. Man was created by God in his own image for a special purpose. Different religions offer slightly different descriptions of that purpose, but clearly, it is widely accepted that we are God’s children and the Earth is the most important place in the universe.

OK. So in summary, the universe was created, the Earth was created and Man was created, all during Creation Week and all with supernatural logic and reason behind it. Some religions believe all of this, but dispute the “young Earth” assertions of Biblical Creationists. In Islam, Allah created the Big Bang and all the rules that followed it. The Earth took many years to form and every new scientific discovery can be explained away by attributing it to Allah. It just seems too convenient.

If you’re reading this at night, go get a plastic drinking straw and go outside and look up. What you can see with the naked eye from one position on Earth is about 2,500 stars at the most. All of them are in our galaxy, the Milky Way. The Milky Way contains somewhere between 200 and 600 billion stars (that’s billion, with ‘b’). The size of our galaxy is somewhere between 70,000 and 100,000 light-years across. The nearest star to our own Sun is Alpha Centauri and it’s only 4.35 light-years away. We all know that a light-year is the distance light travels in one year, but what it actually means to us is when we look up at the night sky and see Alpha Centauri, we are actually seeing what it looked like 4.35 years ago. We are looking back in time.

Now, find the Moon. Divide the diameter of the Moon by ten. It’s a pretty small spot, right? Pick any apparently black section of sky (between stars) of about a tenth of the moon’s diameter and look at it. There’s nothing there, is there? Now stare at that one little spot of the sky. That’s pretty much exactly what the Hubble Space Telescope did every night in late 2003. Over 400 orbits of the Earth, Hubble took 800 exposures of the same patch of space at varying focal lengths to produce an incredibly deep image. This image is known as the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (UDF).

Hubble Ultr

[click for a larger image and more details about the HUDF]

If the distance across this image in space was scaled to the diameter of your drinking straw, the depth of this image would make your drinking straw 8 foot long. All those specks you see are not stars, they’re other galaxies. In this image alone, there are almost 10,000 galaxies. The nearest ones, those that appear as well-defined spirals and ellipses, are about one billion light-years away. In other words, this image is showing us what those galaxies looked like one billion years ago. The furthest galaxies in the image are shown as they existed only 800 million years after the universe was created and are some 13 billion light-years away.

Each of those galaxies comprises billions of stars, and if the Hubble UDF represents only one tiny part of the whole sky which is actually 12.7 million times bigger, we can only wonder at how many galaxies, stars and solar systems might fill our universe. If God or Allah created all of this, He did so an incredibly long time ago. If Man is the reason for Creation, why has intelligent Man’s existence only been for the last few thousand years? If Time since creation was a kilometre long piece of rope, intelligent Man is represented only by the last half-CENTIMETRE. If Man is the purpose of creation, why did it take so long to create Man? And what’s with all the over-the-top elaborate sky decorations? Surely some painted white dots on a big canvas hung around the Earth would have sufficed?

Thanks should go to Hubble for opening our eyes. If only some men would open theirs. Being a Christian or being a Muslim means being different. Being a Human means being the same.


Brett said...

Thanks for your article, but it proves nothing of the sort you indicate, and you are clearly not a scholar of either the bible or the Koran. In the Christian Bible there were 6 creative 'days', periods or eras (such as in "back in grandpa's day"). These are not literal days, some have used the principal in 2 Pet 3:8 to suggest that the creative days are 1000 years long, however, this can not be ascertained.

If you take the creationist view, it would be clear that there would be a systematic approach to creation in stages (like any large infrastructure project has milestones). These are the 6 'days'. However, the first period of creation could have very well started 13 Billion years ago and still hold true.

What this picture from Hubble most definitely shows is that there is an enormous amount of matter and energy need to 'create' the Universe. To propose that such matter and energy is without a source, or without a beginning is mathematically illogical. The big bang theory, generally discounted these days, even requires a preceeding 'crunch' of matter/energy. Which still had to be there in the first place...

Pras said...

It makes a lot less sense to say that the universe had to be created by a higher intelligence. Also, in the 6 days that you say, god only created earth. It makes no sense that he finished the rest of universe with all that complexity in just a day or so or even an era. Even if such a being even existed.
Science makes things easier by removing this being from the picture totally. There are a lot of theories that can mathematically deduce the starting of the universe. Doing a quick wikipedia search might suffice for you.
Sorry, I do know quite a bit about religions to know that god is just too vague to be quantitatively understood, if anything as such exists.