Friday, July 04, 2008

Viewing firefox status bar in full screen

Using firefox in full screen is rather cool but I was missing the status bar which gives a lot of information about the link whenever I hover or whatever is being done by the browser. After digging up a few places, I came to this link in mozilla's site
about editing configuration files and in particular
Used to change the appearance of the browser.
Used to change the appearance of web pages.
Can be used to change various preferences .
They are in the profiles folder of your user account. Go to your current firefox profile folder, and into the chrome folder. You should see two files. userChrome-example.css and userContent-example.css, remove the example and add this:

/* Make status bars visible */
visibility: visible;

restart firefox. And voila, you have your status bar in full screen.


Anonymous said...

You fail to state which of the .css files you are supposed to put the code you show in.
It needs to go in userChrome.css. This file does not exist by default so you'll need to create it. There is absolutely no reason to remove the examples as you suggest. In fact it's better to leave them there for reference.

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