Monday, November 13, 2006

Java GPLed

Not too long ago Sun CEO Scott Mcnealy made a comment that he saw no point in giving away java in GPL and in response to the FSF evangelist openly recommend us not to use Java because they felt it's too easy to get trapped in a proprietary sansar.

I know RMS once said FSF cannot recommend OpenOffice "on ethical grounds". It severely depend on Sun JRE. The solution would be to improve GNU Compiler for Java (GCJ), and the GNU Classpath. OpenOffice folks refused to refactor their code to meet GCJ and classpath. Whatever GCJ and gang claimed was not to the ground. It still lacks several features.

Gosling vowed against the parallel re-invention and development of java classlib.. As known GNU Classpath, folks were refuted against his remark. Its not new though, there were already a plethora of java product based on GPL and Apache License, The significant of those are from ASF, recently plunged into JavaEE market, that happens when JBoss lead engineer frustrated and declare to get start new implementation of J2EE .like a warrior..they declared themselves Geronimo..aka .. Apache Geronimo. Its widely popular as shipped with IBM Websphere Apps Server Community Edition

It was likely to become linux distro scenario, Although the compliance with java and javaee specification was always the core issue and unlike with linux, it has to follow the standard for industry acceptance. The problem with fragmented effort was the re-inveting the same wheel and the possible obstacle that it leads to. The venture towards new implementation was only the issue with the license. Sun was adhering CDDL and folks, especially in apache and gnu, were doubtful on this move, they often compared CDDL as m$ shared source!

After scott mcnealy stepped down from ceo, the new management made decisive move to declare its solaris and java product line completely free. Still clings with CDDL but look like they were hugely inspired by the true success of GNU/Linux, and often they keep promising through their blogs..something that management about to take decision. It took no time to declare java as GPL’ed…and its damn happened just right front of us.. Potentially a master stroke from Sun!

Beyond the limit, as widely speculated all stack JME, JSE, glassfish everything that interconnect with stack about to declare GPL’ed. I won’t be surprise if they declared Solaris GPL’ed. I am
anticipating !So where the future lies of GNU Classpath, Geronimo & more! Well that
is what the exception means in Java…! they were trying to build what GNU folks thought for complete java about to throw with exception with Sun class type 

I see everyone in FSF hailed it as a bold move, and a great opportunity both for Sun and for FOSS.


supriya said...

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