Monday, May 26, 2008

What? a Beowulf in room?

I recently got 4 SUN ultrasparc 5 boxes from the compsci lab. The most interesting thing is that when I got them, basically 1 by 1, I had no idea what I was going to do with them. For a while, I tried assigning them static IPs and ran rtorrent through them. I wanted to put a web interface for it too. Then I turned them off for a substantial amount of time because playing around with them was disturbing my studies at that time.

Now they are on and running and the most interesting thing about them so far is that they were all part of a beowulf cluster before they got dismantled into what they are now. The next step here I guess is to turn them into a nice beowulf cluster. There are still a couple of computers left in the lab which I might be able to get to expand it but so far it seems like a rather worthwhile use of the summer time. At least I now have a nice 19" monitor to play with and with some extension cords I can manage these computers very easily. Hopefully, from my desk itself. I'll try to keep posting what I'll do with these babies as I progress in this idea.

The OS will be debian sparc. :)


nepbabu said...

Cool :-)

Goodluck man.. I wish I had so much time (and boxes) to play around.

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