Sunday, January 20, 2008


Hey, it's been 19 days since new year and I haven't made all the resolutions yet so I decided to make them now. I don't make resolutions often but keeping them here might actually force myself to stick to them

0. Improve grades
I admit they are really really important, it just can't be over stated. So, it obviously goes on the first.

1. Learn regular expressions
From experience, I know that learning regular expressions is he only way to be able to use them. You find their uses only later after you know some of them. I just need to learn them.
2. Get better at social stuffs
It doesn't mean getting drunk every so often in a frat. I learnt that last semester altho I didn't do that. It's just meeting new people, getting away from all the programming works for sometimes and maybe even socialize with fellow programmers every so often.
3. Become a better writer, write often to blogs
I'm not committing myself to a certain time scale but it's a good skill to have and like my point 0 can't be over stated.
4. Improve my Laptop's power performance
I've been rather worried about it for sometime although it gives around 2 hours on battery but I generally don't use it on battery power. So, it often gets neglected. I've got this on my priority now.
5. Get better at managing stuff. A clean Room
Maybe I need to make a ticker or sth on my desktop for this. I need to develop this habit so that I can keep thing better organized and especially keep my room clean.

Suggestions are always welcome. I'll keep posting any updates if I have been on the track or derailed somewhere else. :)


nepbabu said...

And thus spoke pras on Jan 20, 1007
"I'm not committing myself to a certain time scale but it's a good skill to have and like my point 0 can't be over stated."

And thus nepbabu checked the time
Sat, 16 Feb 2008

Am I not irritating enough? Hehe... :P

Pras said...

haha... 1007?

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